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Jenna Soroka

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About Me

My name is Jenna (she/her), AKA life-long learner, overthinker, challenger of societal expectations, imperfect human, carbohydrate-advocate, animal lover, and a person who likes to lift heavy shit & breathe in mountain air. 

I'm here to help reimagine the health & wellness industry by calling out problematic systems while amplifying voices who are already doing meaningful work in this space. #Togetherisbetter 

Why You Should Join Me

Imagine a world that doesn't base your value off of the food you eat, the size of your body, or how much weight you can lift.

Imagine a life that is unencumbered by food guilt and body shame.

I want that...for you, for me, for my family, for my friends, for strangers, and for future generations.

If you do too, then you're in the right place <3

A Big Thanks

Thank you for joining me on this wild ride of challenging societal expectations of health and beauty in order to create a more just and fair world for everyone. It isn't easy, but it's worth it. I appreciate your commitment to this work.

Stay curious, compassionate, courageous.

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